For sure you have already lived this without being able to do anything about it to prevent this happen again:

“After our day off, for some kind of electrical fault in the restaurant we found that the cold room was off”

Result: loss of thousands of euros in food. Or even worse, not being aware of the failure their food is contaminated.

The CoolingPatrol system monitoring temperature and humidity to avoids problems by alerting to the managers before it is too late. Create your account, set up your sensor network and be unconcerned. It better invest time in the customer experience than to record the temperature of each refrigerators.

Automate your procedures digitally!


Provide tools to your employees, so they can be informed all times of the correct operation of their facilities.

Generate temperature and humidity control reports for your units from a single, reliable reading point.  
  Check that in response to a fault the response is bounded in time. Schedule instant notifications to make and receive notifications.