CoolingPatrol  Sensor

Install discreetly inside of the cold rooms, refrigerators, etc., the wireless sensor module. You can use as many sensors as you need.

  • Temperature Monitor (-40°C a +125°C)
  • Moisture Monitor (0% to 100%)
  • 2+ years of autonomy.
  • 20+ meters of range.
  • Replacement batteries.

HUB CoolingPatrol:

Easily create a sensor network using CoolingPatrol technology. In this way you will be protected having all the information of the sensors in your hands.

  • Small and compact for easy installation in anywhere of your establishment.
  • Only needs power and a WiFi connection.

Monitoring System

You can use any device (phone, tablet, computer) with a web browser in order to view in real time the temperature, humidity, battery status and other parameters of the sensors in your network.

Custom Tracking

Any incident is reported at moment to our control center that has the latest technology for protocols generation as needed for each client.

In case of malfunction of any cold camera, in addition to sending notifications to whoever, the technician can be contacted directly to correct the problem as soon as possible. Avoiding gender losses or more importantly, avoid customer complications or pollution sanctions when cutting the cold chain.

We have OTRS, one of the best desktop assistance software that allows the agent respond to a high volume of customer requests fast, easy, competent and, above all, transparent. The structuring and automation functions, as well as a clear overview, are basic and important requirements that OTRS has perfected with its flexibility and maximum configurability to enhance the CoolingPatrol application.

Future Sensores

Soon we will have a wide variety of sensors that will be able to control any important sector of your business with the same philosophy of turning on and start using without complications.